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Trench Convectors

H2O Heating’s name has become synonymous with Trench Heating. Each trench convector unit is custom designed by H2O Heating taking into account the heat requirements of the room, the room’s aesthetics and the client’s preference for grille type.

Hydronic heating is an efficient and superior method of heating the home and whilst the traditional steel panel radiator is the most popular heat outlet method, there are occasions where wall space is at a premium – particularly for rooms with large expanses of glass - and an alternative option is required, one such option is the trench convector; a practical as well as stylish alternative. Suitable for all types of properties trench convectors maintain a room’s aesthetics whilst providing an efficient heat output

By design, a trench convector is a discreet method of providing heat to a room, a steel housing unit is installed into the sub-floor with an internal copper finned tube heating element fitted inside, which is connected to the hydronic heating circuit. The entire unit is then covered by an elegant floor grille. Each unit is custom designed to suit room requirements and can be made to fit any length of application.

Grille Options

To complete the trench convector H2O Heating provide an elegant floor grille available in a number of options again custom designed to suit each individual client. As our grilles are custom made they take a minimum of 15 days to manufacture although some grilles take considerably longer depending on the application chosen.

Heavy Duty Metal Grille – made from a flanged heave duty metal finished as standard in a powder coat of silver; the heavy duty metal ensures the grille will withstand in a trafficable area. The fixed metal grilles can be powder coated or anodised in any Dulux colour enabling further customisation of the finished trench.

Roll up metal grill – these grills are made to size from lightweight aluminium and are available in a limited range of colours.

Timber Grilles – H2O Heating offers clients the option of a timber grille made from any timber enabling an almost seamless integration of the trench grille into the floor.