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Radiator Panels

The radiator panels offered by H2O Heating are of the highest quality from Europe’s foremost manufacturers; with an exceptional choice of heights, widths and designs available our range of radiators provide sizing flexibility and superb quality all combined with guaranteed performance to cover a multitude of application requirements and design aesthetics.

The radiator panels come finished in a high gloss white providing a premium finish that’s resistant to corrosion and scratches – however, if white is not compatible with your room décor H2O Heating can offer the option of colour matching radiator panels.

Controllability; incorporating the use of a Thermostatic Radiator Valve increases the efficiency of the hydronic system.

Standard Steel Panel Radiator

Standard steel panel radiators are the most popular form of hydronic heating panel and all H2O Heating’s quotations are based on the standard steel panel; they blend seamlessly into most home interiors offering exceptional heat performance with a wide range of heights, widths and convector options there is a panel to suit every room’s requirement. H2O Heating only uses radiator panels manufactured by leading European companies offering a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee; now that’s peace of mind!

Technical Info

Convected heat

With efficiency being of the utmost importance, all standard steel radiator panels offered by H2O Heating are convector panels, this means that they provide both radiated heat, emitted directly from the panel, and convected heat.

Convected heat is circulated naturally by the cooler air being drawn up through the radiator and passed over the fins, heated, and then emitted from the top into the room; this process increases the performance and efficiency of the panel.

Radiator panels are an ideal method of heating rooms with high ceilings as both the radiated and convected heat warm the entire room not just the upper portions.

A Stylish Alternative

Whilst the traditional range of steel panel radiators provide a classic timeless design if your needs or interior style call from something a little more unique, a radiator that allows for style and creativity as well as outstanding performance then consider Aluminium Radiators for energy efficiency; for a seamless integration the flat panel radiators; if you are undertaking a sympathetic renovation consider the tubular steel or cast iron radiator and if safety is of paramount importance look to the LST (Low Surface Temperature) radiator range; finally for those looking to create a style statement consider the Designer Range

Colour Change

Manufactured with a gloss white powdered coat finish the hydronic heating panel has traditionally been designed and finished with the aim of creating an unobtrusive and simple finish to harmonise with any room interior they are installed. Traditionally the trend has been to “hide” the hydronic panel, often positioned out of site as if some ugly aspect.

However, the option to now powder coat hydronic panels in a colour unique to the client has resulted in the panel becoming a feature of the room, positioning where it can be seen and admired. A recent project saw bathroom towel rails powdered coated gloss black to complement the black fixtures and installed against a white backdrop resulting in the towel rail being a feature rather than blending into its surroundings. This trend of powder coating towel rails has extended into other rooms of the house where no longer hidden away the hydronic panel is a main attribute of the room.