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Flat Panel Radiators

The majority of hydronic heating systems utilise steel panel radiators, whilst the steel panel radiator with its ribbed fascia and integrated side and top grille is viewed as a timeless design a less obtrusive alternative is often sought and this is where the Flat panel radiator is the perfect solution. Providing an aesthetically attractive profile with its sleek silk smooth front surface and integrated top grille and sides the Flat Panel radiator integrates seamlessly into all interior environments providing an affordable element of design.

In addition to the perfectly smooth flat fascia, flat panels are also available with a fine line detailing in both horizontal and vertical to give a look of interest without the indented rib effect of the traditional steel panel.

Flat panels offer all the same features and benefits as the traditional steel panel radiator being available in an extensive range of sizes including vertical options making it the perfect solution when wall space is at a premium as well as a stylish alternative.

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