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With a hydronic heating system, there are a number of optional controls that can be included within the system design to increase the efficiency and controllability of the system meaning that you will be combing comfort with running cost savings.

Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV)

This is one of the most common controls added to a hydronic heating system and one of the simplest ways to make savings on running costs as you are only heating the rooms you want to heat and to the individual requirement of that room reducing wasted heat; it is recommended that TRV’s are included in all rooms apart from where there is a room thermostat/controller.

A Thermostatic Radiator Valve is a self-regulating valve fitted to the radiator to allow individual control of the heat output of that radiator – especially useful fitted on radiators in rooms that are not always in use such as a spare room; when not in use the radiator can be turned down or off so very little or no heat is emitted and then turned up to the required output once the room is in use.

The TRV’s supplied by H2O Heating are of a classic and unobtrusive design making them suitable for all home interiors, usually supplied in a classic white there are options for a chrome valve for an alternative look.

Hand Wheel Valve – this is a standard valve fitted on all radiators unless a TRV is being fitted, this valve allows the radiator to be turned on or off but does not allow temperature adjustment. Usually supplied with a white wheel a chrome is also available (at an additional charge).

The other valve fitted along with either a Hand wheel or TRV is called the lockshield and comes with either a white or cap or in an all chrome finish (at an additional cost).

Dual Fuel Element – a dual fuel element can be installed as an optional extra with a hydronic heating towel rail; this allows for the towel rail to still be used electrically when the heating system is turned off. A great feature to allow the drying and airing of towels when the weather is warm and there is no demand on the heating system.

Programmable Thermostats

There are a number of programmable thermostats available they are designed to provide time and temperature control of the heating system with different programmable settings available for every day of the week; often requirements on weekdays are different to weekends and being able to pre-program different heating needs for different days offers the end user complete control and comfort and ensures the system operates as efficiently as possible.

Honeywell CM907

Honeywell, the UK's leading supplier of domestic heating controls, have based their CM907 controller on their proven programming technology to provide comfortable temperatures when you are home and energy savings when away. With a large backlit LCD display, the controller is easy on the eye as well as easy to operate and monitor.

  • Classic, slim design makes this an attractive controller suitable for any home.
  • The 7-day heating program enables different heat settings every day of the week
  • Up to 6 daily independent time & temperature levels per day to suit your lifestyle and increase the operating efficiency.
  • Holiday; party and day off functions allowing temporary override of the normal operating program reverting to normal after the function override.
  • Dynamic text display on the LCD screen gives enhanced feedback to the user/engineer
  • LCD backlighting to illuminate the display for ease of use with continuous time; date and temperature displayed – lift up flap to access function controls.
  • Manual setting enabling the heating system to remain on at a fixed temperature and not go off at the specified times – great for cold winter days spent at home all day.
  • 12V hardwired from boiler to thermostat location

Siemens Rev17

The Siemens Rev 17 controller is a room temperature controller designed with the end user in mind with its easy to read display and large numbers.

  • Modern design with user-friendly easy to read digital display and operate; battery operated – mains independent making suitable for any location.
  • 7-day program with up to 3 comfort phases per day; 3 independent time and temperature controlled periods.
  • 5 operating modes including a continuous comfort mode in which case the heating will be on 24/7 at the desired temperature and a continuous energy saving mode -with a night time setting.
  • Override buttons to enable the user to manually adjust the desired temperature without having to reprogram
  • Large easy to read LCD display with backlight feature for ease of operation
  • Holiday function which, when the holiday start and end dates are entered, allows the controller to switch to the set holiday temperature at the start of the holiday and revert back to the present operating mode at the end of the holiday.

Immergas CARV2

The Immergas CAR V2, compatible with all Immergas boilers, is a modulating remote control designed to guarantee ideal temperature conditions at any time of the day and night for each individual day of the week. Connected to the boiler by 2 cables through which the controller sends and receives the adjustment control commands and receives the power supply.

  • An unobtrusive control unit which will blend into any home interior.
  • User-friendly the CAR V2 has been designed with an uncomplicated wide LCD display with easy to read information on the system's operation; such as time and temperature.
  • Ready to function immediately after installation is completed due to the pre-programmed function of the CAR V2 – however, the program can be modified to suit the individual users' unique requirements ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency.
  • Auto override button – easy one button press to override the operating program to continuous mode.

Salus iT500 internet thermostat

With the increased desire from users to operate home systems remotely ensuring optimum comfort is received by the owner upon first stepping foot into their home Salus controls have designed a controller allowing the heating and hot water temperature to be controlled from anywhere via your smartphone of laptop.

  • The It 500 allows for local (home) control as well as the ability to access and control your heating and hot water via the internet; compatible with PC or Smartphone
  • Connect to the heating system using existing broadband connection
  • Allows ultimate energy efficient operation of the hydronic heating system
  • The internal controller located within the home is wireless for ease of install and siting
  • Thermostat display can be wall or surface mounted and features modern black appearance with unique touch controls easy to read data display of day; time; temperature and program.

Rehau NEA Room Controller

The Rehau NEA room controller along with the zone distribution board and manifold actuator offer the user easy control of the temperature and operation of the underfloor heating system. The Rehau Nea controller with its slight silhouette and simple design will integrate seamlessly into any room interior – premiered at ISH 2013 it won the coveted red dot award for design

  • Easily installed operating on 24 volts
  • Operated with 3 buttons with clear operating symbols and an easy to read LCD display – interaction is simple and self-explanatory
  • Adjustable child lock facility to prevent unauthorised use.
  • The NEA wiring centre enables a clear wiring of the system in the manifold cupboard with a screwless connection
  • Zone distribution board has the capacity for 6 room thermostats and 12 thermal actuators in 24V AC (on larger systems this can be extended with the use of multiple manifolds and zone distribution boards).
  • Zone distribution board and manifold actuators allow the user to shut one area off whilst operating another; offering possible cost saving