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Tubular & Cast Iron Radiator Information

Whilst the standard steel panel radiator is the most common radiator installed in a hydronic heating systems there are those clients who are undertaking a sympathetic renovation of a period property or building a new dream home featuring period design, for these properties H2O Heating can offer its clients the option of including column radiators which combine timeless elegance and style with maximum performance.

The modern column radiator can be manufactured from tubular steel or cast iron, each presenting a slightly different look.

Tubular Steel Radiator

The Tubular Steel radiator is equally at home in the modern or traditional environment offering a contemporary version of a traditional design; the tubular steel column is a truly versatile radiator. Tubular radiators combine looks and warmth in one superior product, manufactured with great attention to appearance a key feature of the tubular radiator is the perfectly smooth lustrous finish.

Manufactured from tubular steel this is a very flexible range of radiators supplied complete in sections from 300mm – 3m in height, which enables them to be installed vertically as well as horizontally, in either 2; 3; 4; 5 or 6 columns.

Cast Iron Column

The Cast Iron is a replica of a true traditional radiator emulating the style of a bygone era ideally suited to period renovations; manufactured from cast iron they provide character with their rustic surface and elegance to a classic interior. Whilst replicating a period look modern research and design ensures efficient heat is provided; cast ion radiators retain their heat for much longer than steel radiators providing heat for longer.

The Trieste cast iron radiator comes finished in undercoated white enabling it to be painted any enamel colour ensuring they complement your individual colour scheme. The classic cast iron is finished in primer allowing the client the choice of finish to truly complement their décor. Available in a wide range of depths and heights to ensure there is a style and output to suit your room’s heat requirements.

Decorative Cast Iron Column radiators offer true opulence, finished in an ‘old grey’ natural cast iron the stunning scroll relief pattern provides a sense of glamour from the bygone era when such products would have been hand crafted. Available in 2 heights and a range of widths.