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Low Surface Temperature Radiator Information

The Low Surface Temperature (LST) Hydronic Radiator combines performance with safety and design, developed to minimise the risk of contact with high temperatures it does much more. The LST is the radiator of choice

Due to its very design, a high efficiency heat exchanger and low water content, the LST allows for a fast response time to temperature demands resulting in savings in energy use and running costs. The unique design of the LST radiator means that whilst there is 80 degree water running through the heating element the case itself remains safe to touch at all times making it the ideal choice for public places such as child care centres and nursing homes.

Whilst safety has been of paramount importance design has not been forgotten, from the sleek contemporary fascia of the Strada and the textured flat fascia of the Solazor; the classically timeless design of the Tempo or the robust appearance of the Maxi there is an LST radiator to complement any interior decor. The casings are finished in scratch resistant paint fro durability and all exterior casings come with a 10 year guarantee. For safety and aesthetics the valves and connections are concealed within the casing that cannot be removed without special tools.

Dependant on the manufacture of standard radiator installed it may be possible to retro fit a Low Surface Temperature cover; manufactured here in Australia they are designed to fit over the Henrad radiators from Belgium, finished in Ral 9016 they are a perfect match.


The knock on wood is the first wooden radiator; the curved wooden casing gives the radiator a graceful and beautifully natural appeal. This innovative radiator from Jaga, which can be wall mounted or free standing, is available in nine wooden finishes with a scratch resistant gloss varnish finish and features all of the standard Jaga LST technology, resulting in an efficient, environmentally friendly product as well as a feature of beauty.