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Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating is a superior form of heating that uses water instead of forced warm air to heat your home; making it ideal for asthma or allergy sufferers. Hydronic heating is recognised worldwide as one of the most energy-efficient and healthiest ways to bring warmth to your home, and has evolved over the years to become one of the most controllable and comfortable forms of heating, suitable for all types of properties.

The natural choice when it comes to heating

An efficient central boiler heats the water that is then circulated throughout the building using a network of pipes to an outlet; an outlet can be a radiator panel, in-floor trench convector, in slab floor coil or a combination of the available outlet options.

Hydronic heating provides a naturally silent radiated and/or convected heat throughout the home without the use of fans to heat the room and its contents, which gives a healthy and comfortable living environment.

Features & Benefits

There are plenty of compelling reasons why to chose Hydronic Heating…


With an estimated 1 in 9 people suffering from Asthma or allergies, Hydronic heating is the ideal solution – with no forced air the creation of a dry, humid or dust filled environment is eliminated making it the system of choice in the health industry.


Hydronic heating is recognised as one of the most efficient ways to heat your home; easily zoned the ability to independently control the heat requirements of each room/area is provided thus reducing wasted heat and cutting fuel bills. Furthermore, the Hydronic gas boilers used by H2O Heating have a minimum efficiency rating of 86% up to an environmentally friendly 96.6% when incorporating a condensing hydronic heating boiler reducing gas consumption and running costs.

A new hydronic heating system costs significantly less to run than a ducted gas system, around 20% for homes with 2.7m ceilings; for homes with higher ceilings this saving can be increased to around 40 – 50%. Whilst Hydronic heating systems use water to provide heat, the water is constantly recycled and circulated through the system having no further demands on water usage apart from only requiring a small amount of water to top up the system at yearly service intervals.

Advanced Technology

Today’s systems are full of technological features that not only increase their efficiency but make them reliable, safe and cost effective to run. Technologies such as self diagnostic electronics within the boilers themselves help diagnose faults quicker cutting down on service and repair costs.

Versatile & Flexible

Hydronic heating is the ideal solution when overcoming architectural challenges, including large expanses of glazing, high ceilings and lack of wall space. This is due to its flexibility of design and style of the heating outlets; Suitable for all types of properties from period renovations to the architecturally designed.

It is ideal for 2 storey homes, especially where space could prove problematic. Hydronic heating offers greater flexibility; it can be extended or altered at any time to meet your family’s requirements and needs.


We offer a wide range of radiator panel designs from the traditional to the contemporary, alternatively you may choose to have no visual panels at all with in floor trench convectors or an in slab floor coil system; hydronic heating really is the most stylish and luxurious form of home heating.

System design

Hydronic heating systems need to be designed and specified correctly to ensure a warm comfortable environment and to guarantee maximum efficiency of the system. As part of the service offered by H2O Heating we will accurately calculate the heat requirements to ensure the desired temperature is reached, then a specific sized outlet can be chosen, whether it be a panel, trench or even a floor coil. The final stage of our system design is a joint layout with you, the client, to determine the best position for the outlets, boilers etc to suit your requirements.