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Designer Radiator Panels

Over recent years there has been a style revolution in hydronic radiators, no longer is the only choice the classic timeless white steel panel radiator that has come to be associated with hydronic heating systems. Combining function and form the new designer radiators resemble works of art and provide a unique style statement to any rooms decor, but don’t be mistaken they are so much more providing an exceptional and efficient heat performance. So if you are looking for something a little more distinctive, a way to make an essential functional heating system become a stylish focal point, then consider our range of Designer Radiators.

At H2O Heating we are pleased to offer a truly unique, stylish and ever evolving range of innovative radiators manufactured by leading European companies mainly from Italy, the epitome of style, sophistication and individuality. Our extensive range of designer radiators provides you with the ability to be truly distinctive when you design your heating system and create that wow factor.

Designer radiators come in an extensive range of designs; sizes and outputs. Please consult H2O Heating to ensure the correct panel is selected to not only enhance the room decor but provide the right amount of heat.

Product information to come. In the meantime, please contact our office where one of our sales advisors will be more than happy to assist you with any enquiries.

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